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As a world-class leading weight tracker app, Monitor Your Weight received several awards at a local and international level.

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Synchronization Cloud

Enabling Synchronization option extends the features within Monitor Your Weight app significantly. One main feature this option provides is the assurance of not losing your weight data no matter what happens to your device. Since every weight entry and modification is continuously synced to our cloud automatically, even if you delete your profiles deliberately, you will still have the capability to restore your data any time. Another feature this option provides is the facility to keep multiple devices running Monitor Your Weight in sync across each other regardless of the type of device used. Furthermore, you will have the option of accessing your data from your browser at anytime and import data into your profiles as well. Another enhanced feature includes the option of sharing your data with your doctor or coach provided they register through our website (free of charge).

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Packed with many features, Monitor Your Weight is the ideal weight tracking app

and is also designed to be very simple to use.

Integrates with Smart Scales

Ability to integarte with the most popular Smart scales.

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